Sanitisers are a crucial part of all environments, making sure that we’re protected from germs that we come in contact with. The products come in many different forms, some to apply direct to surfaces, others directly to hands.

Hand sanitisers can kill 99.9% of dangerous bacteria, including MRSA and Ecoli.
Ideal for environments where many people are in contact with shared objects, such as schools, libraries, shopping centres and hospitals. Hand sanitizers work by removing the top layer of oils from the skin, usually using alcohol based products. These kill the germs from your skin and help reduce spreading viruses. These types of sanitizers are also great for areas where hand drying towels aren’t available as they dry alone, whether the sanitizer is foam or liquid.

Golden Hygiene also provide an excellent range of surface sanitisers. Crucial for maintaining clean and safe surfaces, which can in turn eliminate bad odours from areas. Sanitisers are suitable for a wide range of surfaces, such as kitchen areas, washrooms, baby changing, dog kennels, office desks, waiting rooms etc. Always read the label first before using on a specific area.

If you’re unsure of what type of sanitisers you require for your business, get in touch with us to discuss your personal needs and we’ll create a package perfect for you – to provide exactly what you need, no more, no less.

Going local can often be the best way of doing business. You’re speaking to staff who know your area, may know your business personally, and who care about doing the best they can at a local level. Forget cheap foreign websites with dodgy returns policies. Thanks to the European Union, the prices aren’t much different anyway, and as with everything, you get what you pay for.

Based in the North West, Golden Hygiene provides all the items you require to convert your current facilities into family friendly washrooms. We have easy to talk to staff on the phone and you won’t have to quibble about the quality of our equipment. We guarantee it does what it says on the tin. Although it doesn’t have a tin.
Call us now for a chat about your requirements on (01744) 88 55 71.

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