Why Do Businesses Need Washroom Services?

March, 13, 2013

If you’re considering using a washroom service supplier for your business, but you’re not sure how or where to start, then keep reading.

A primary reason why most businesses use washroom suppliers is to ensure they meet their legal requirements. There are a wide range of regulations surrounding washroom services, what duties employers must fulfill to comply, and how washroom waste must be disposed.
By using a reputable supplier for your washroom services you can be sure that your business is operating according to regulations, sparing you costly fines.

Of course, many businesses want to ensure that their staff and customers have a clean, enjoyable and safe experience in their washrooms, in excess of adhering to the law!

In addition to meeting washroom regulations, did you know that your washroom supplies could also put you in hot water with Employment Law?

Reasons to introduce a washroom service supplier into your business –

  • Do you provide sanitary bins in your ladies toilets? No?
    You could be breaking Employment Law! Even if you only have one female member staff, or female staff from other businesses visiting you, monitored points of disposal for sanitary waste must provided, in line with the Duty of Care Act.
  • Are your washing facilities suitable for your employees according to Health and Safety Law?
    If you provide sinks, showers, or any other washing facilities you must also provide soaps and drying materials. Do you have soap dispensers, towel dispensers or hand dryers in each of your washrooms?

  • Are you providing any cigarette bins for your staff?
    Although these aren’t required by Law, they do help to ensure that cigarette butts aren’t littered around your building. By locating this to the side/back of your building you can also deter smokers from standing in front of your premises entrance.

    Have you provided an odour control system in your washrooms?

  • Not only ensuring that staff are welcomed by a pleasant smell when using facilities, by Law you are required to take active steps to prevent lingering smells in washrooms. This can simply be done by installing an odour control system.

What else might I need in my washrooms?

  • Baby changing facilities – especially poignant in customer facing washrooms
  • Sanitary vending machines – sanitary products, condoms, washing products
  • Sanitisers – crucial for keeping germs at bay in washrooms

By ensuring that you meet the key criteria for washroom regulations is not enough. Even if you operate with the correct number of bathrooms, sinks, showers, if you’re not providing your staff with sufficient soaps, drying facilities, odour control, toilet roll and more, then you can still be breaking the Law.

Sound like a lot to organise?

Golden Hygiene services are experts in washroom services and supplies, so we can take care of these issues for you!

By using our services, we will ensure that you meet legal requirements, and if necessary we can advise you on further areas that may need attention .

If you’re unsure of what’s required to meet requirements, contact our friendly team who will help you assess what’s needed for your business.

We offer free delivery and installation of our products, by fully trained CRB checked engineers. We can proudly boast that on average we have saved customers 20% on their washroom services.
Our easy to understand agreements will make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting from us. As a family-run business, Golden Hygiene aim to deliver you the best customer service possible, and we go that extra mile to ensure you’re totally satisfied.

Contact us directly for an instant quote or to discuss your washroom requirements.

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