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July, 20, 2013

With the new Food Hygiene Ratings, its now public knowledge on how clean an establishment can be. Anybody can now find a restaurant(s) rating by simply clicking on the but this is voluntary, so I suspect that will only be presented with this acknowledgement if the establishment has a 5 star rating.

Food Ratings

In this day and age, our employee’s appearance is imperative to our workforce identity. Especially with our young staff who’re encouraged to wear jewellery, makeup, fingernails, piercings, etc and overcoming these potential hazards in the kitchen is not an easy task.

Another hazard is staff working whilst unwell. This is a common occurrence as we all need to pay-the-bills! And the consequence is that they spread their germs. So identifying how to control these issues is important to any food preparation establishment.

The question is… how do we get our staff on board without them feeling there is any prejudice? And the answer is education! Golden Hygiene have some of the best tools to help your employees understand how to help your business achieve the highest food rating standards.

Hand Washing

Everyone knows the guidelines when washing your hands

• Use water as hot as can be comfortably tolerated.
• Moisten hands and add soap. Lather to the elbow if possible.
• Scrub thoroughly.
• Wash all surfaces, including backs of hands, wrists, between fingers and under fingernails.

But sometimes people can be careless when washing their hands and just give them a quick rinse. To be clear on how well your staff wash their hands – check out this little nifty tool. UV Hand Washing.

Personal Hygiene

A lot of this information is conmen sense but has to rigorously enforced and reiterated to all employee’s

  • Uniform is clean and washed with credible soap powders and liquids
  • Reporting to work in good health
  • Clean aprons always available
  • Fingernails are clean and maintained
  • Jewellery is a minimum
  • Wounds and cuts are treated, bandaged and gloves provided.
  • Hair restraints where needed
  • Prevent cross contamination when changing duties.

What can Golden Hygiene do?

We offer a free hygiene consultation for any restaurant in the Northwest. We will check out some of your concerns based on products and materials and provide you with some helpful advice to achieve the highest food rating scores.

Call John or Ann on 01744 88 55 71

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