hygiene requirements for spas, pools and Saunas

May, 30, 2013

If you run a public service or business that allows visitors the use of saunas, stream rooms, spa’s and pools, then you need to know what hygiene facilities and products are required when adhering to current standards.

As a family run business; the Golden Hygiene washroom service, like many families, hold a genuine concern about Washroom facilities and products we use. So we believe you should consult your customer base as well as complying to legislation.

The key areas you should consider when looking for products is hand drying, sanitary Bins, odour control, paper towel dispensers, baby changing units, vending machines, cigarette bins, sanitisers and janitorial supplies.Like most things, there are various brands of cleaning products and it’s difficult to differentiate what’s used for commercial and domestic purposes. For Spa’s, you should be looking for a cleaning product that de-scales, cleans and disinfects at an absolute minimum. Spas really need to have something that will remove body fat, soap and lime scale.

Because most of the products we provide, are available to members of the everyday public, we want to make it our goal to ensure our products are presented to the highest possible standard, and are clean and maintained after each use.

Thousands of people across the United Kingdom use public services such as those provided by us, every day. However, how many of these individuals stop to think about the safety and hygiene elements, represented by these products? Nowadays, people don’t have time to stop and think when they’re using public conveniences. In-demand products, similar to ours, are there for a reason. Convenience. People want to grab their snack quickly from a vending machine, or butt their cigarette out as soon as they can, but they often don’t stop to think about the germs and contaminated surfaces that could pose a serious risk to their health.

What do we do to change this?

In order to combat germs, and still provide similar services to those of our competitors, our aim is to install these products alongside other quick and easy to use products. For example, we will install a fast and effective hand dryer, that poses the most assuring and clean drying service, and accompany this with odour controlled washroom equipment, to leave both staff and visitors to a premises, feeling clean and fresh. We also provide sanitary cleaning equipment, to ensure every surface is genuinely clean before each use.

For more information, or to find out more about how we can help you today, visit our website: https://goldenhygiene.com/ and let germs be remembered as a thing of a past.

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